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Creating Beautiful Smiles

At All Smiles Dental Care we firmly believe in a preventive approach to your dental care. This means we want to see you regularly so that we can make sure any oral health problems are spotted and treated early before they get any worse.  This will prevent the need for more extensive and expensive treatment and keep your mouth in a good condition.

During the routine check-ups, a full dental health assessment will be carried out. We will assess your teeth for decay and tooth wear, and assess the condition of your current fillings. We will check your gums for infection and disease and oral hygiene. We will also carry out a screening for oral cancer and assess your risks factors. Dental x-rays may also be taken as part of your assessment to help detect dental disease. 

Tailored oral health care advice will be given to help you keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.  We recommend regular hygiene visits to help maintain healthy gums and clean teeth.

Preventive Care
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